Air Cargo Screening Facility (CSF) Operations Model


Air Cargo Screening Facility (CSF) Operations Model

The CSF Operations Model is a computer-based simulation that provides decision support and “what-if” analysis to answer various questions that are encountered in the design and operational phases of an Air Cargo Screening Facility. These questions include:

Operational evaluations including resource requirements for material, screening equipment, capacity, and staffing; facility throughput and in-process inventory levels.

Performance analysis of lead times, such as flow times and waiting times in the work process; bottleneck identification and removal.

Policy analysis to evaluate the impact of rules and protocols on the process such as procedures for batching and palletizing, shipment consolidation, etc.; also resource and material assignments, personnel and job responsibilities.

Strategic decisions regarding design of the facility layout and process work flows.

Cost analyses to evaluate financial viability and profitability assessments.

Other questions that may be of interest to facility planners.

The CSF simulation reveals operational details of the process that cannot be identified by any other analysis technique. Useful results can be achieved quickly – in a few days with proper preparation. Benefits include:

Accurate cost estimates to determine the financial viability of setting up and operating a CSF before committing substantial funding.

A facility designed for maximum throughput at minimum cost.

Optimal process flow for better customer service.

Deliverables from the CSF model development and analysis include resource and material requirements along with performance and cost estimates under different assumptions and scenarios.  Note that the CSF Operations Model is delivered as a service, not software; our objective is to provide a business solution and results with minimum development costs, and within a short timeframe. CSF model development requires the support of, and input from, facility management and operations personnel to provide data as needed and to review and validate scenarios.

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