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The Passing of Walter Beadling

It is with my deepest regret to inform our clients that my dear friend, colleague and business partner, Walter Beadling passed away. The funeral was held near his home in Allentown PA on 10/8/2021.

Walt and I have been close friends for 32 years and business partners for about 12 years in the Cargo Security Alliance. Walt was a truly great guy in every respect. His honesty, integrity and counsel were the backbone of our alliance. He leaves a wife Jan, sons Walter (4) and Charlie, and daughter Alisha. He was our managing partner since the inception of the company. I will be assuming the role of President going forward. CSA will continue to operate as it has for these past 12 years offering consulting services in air, sea and ground cargo and a series of security products designed for these platforms. We also offer design services for those interested in developing a Certified Cargo Screening Facility. If you were in contact with Walt on any project or special orders, please redirect those inquiries to me at 941 575 0243 or by email at

Erik Hoffer


Unlike conventional security labels, these special self adhesive seals have a tamper evident construction which reveals a message if the seal is cut and resealed or peeled. In fact any attempt at removal or penetration of the box is quickly revealed to any receive with a quick or even a cursory visual inspection. If the pilfer-guard Super Seal is removed, it will leave the message “OPENED” in the seal and on the carton and if it is cut, the application of a clear packaging tape to attempt to reclose it is detected in about 1 hour. In this way the thief feels he has successfully penetrated the box and places the parcel back into the supply chain. Upon receiving the parcel the word OPEN is easily seen making it noticeably opened and therefore NOT received in good order. this places the liability for the theft back with the carrier in a perfect chain of custody! Besides offering pilfer detection it is ideal for creating identity for generic courier boxes which otherwise can easily be switched to hid a theft. Theft comes in many forms, some of which are the compromise of IP for classified documents while others are the surreptitious introduction of contraband into a shipped parcel. Either way the Super Seal is perfectly suited to detect these anomalies. Super Seal Self Destruct Also, each seal has a unique serial number for added security, which can be recorded on the packing list or bill of lading. If multiple ports exist on the box, Super Seals can be supplied in same number sets to make inspection easier. If special instructions or corporate logos are desired, these too can be applied to the Super Seals with a minimum purchase of 5000 plus a plate charge of $150 in the 3 x 6 version. TO REVIEW: However, these seals are unique in their added features to detect pilfering. Security tape and seals are often used to detect tampering while a shipping carton is in transit or storage. Pilferage can occur after the carton sealing tape is slit on a carton seam, then re-sealed with clear packing tape. To the un-trained eye, this technique can be difficult to detect prior to signing the bill of lading to accept the goods. Our super seal pilfer-guard seals provide two methods to visibly detect this type of pilferage: A color change feature which reveals the word OPEN when the carton is cut and resealed with clear packing tape. Super Seal Tampered The pilfer-guard seals have a special chemical coating, which is activated by direct contact with adhesive in carton sealing tape. If clear tape is placed over the “pilfer-guard” to re-seal the carton, the hidden word “OPEN” appears about 2 hours later. The 2-hour delay is typically enough time to activate the hidden security feature before the package is delivered or accepted. When the carton is presented with the word “OPEN” prominently showing, the recipient can inspect the contents immediately to confirm if a theft claim is needed, prior to accepting the shipment. The pilfer-guard seals also have diagonal lines to indicate pilfering. After slitting, opening, and resealing the carton, the diagonal lines are very difficult to re-align and/or there will be a small gap in the label which will separate the diagonal lines. Super Seal Diagonal Lines Instructions: Apply the labels to each carton seam which is vulnerable to slitting and pilfering.


Our DualGuard seals include a 5mm diameter cable seal and 9mm bolt seal in a unitized construction. The cable and bolt seal are both C-TPAT compliant, meeting the new design and construction standards of ISO17712:2010. The cable is 76 inches long, which typically allows for a triple-wrap around the locking rods of a trailer or cargo container. The bolt seal secures the door latch. Sold in invividual seals. 25 seals per case.

Features and Benefits

  • Matching serial numbers on the cable and bolt
  • Matching bar code on the cable lock
  • Anti-Spin feature on bolt provides added security to prevent un-authorized entry
  • Extra thick steel bolt for added durability
  • Wider head on bolt and locking mechanism for added security
  • Longer operational length bolt for added clearance (and convenience) for bolt cutter access to cut the bolt for removal
  • For added security, to remove, the cable and bolt must be cut separately
  • Bolt lock and cable lock have the words “SEALED” imprinted on them




We also offer custom product options and imprinting at affordable prices, low minimum order quantities, and fast service. For customized product, please call us for more information.

Additional Information

  • Weight (lbs)    0.6800
  • Size    05 mm DIA x 76 in
  • Color    Yellow
  • Material    Hardened Steel
  • Compliance    C-TPAT, ISO 17712:2010 High (H) Security Seal
  • Locking Type    Adjustable Length
  • Stock Imprint    “SEALED”, Barcode of Serial Number, Serial Number
  • Serial Numbers    Yes
  • Selling Unit    Seal
  • Selling Unit Qty    1
  • Item Unit    seal(s)
  • Case Dimensions    13 in x 7 in x 11 in
  • Case Weight (Lbs)    32.95
  • Case Qty    50


The MS Bar Lock 10 is a solid steel locking bar used to secure the opposing keeper rods on swing door trailers and sea containers from being opened during transit or storage. The robust system allows containers to be secured in seconds with a simple numbered cross member steel lock that can only be removed by a saw or dremil wheel. It is a C-TPAT and ISO 17712:2010 Compliant High (H) Security Seal.

Also known as a CargoShield Barrier Seal; this specialized lock is ideal for securing swing doors cargo containers and truck trailers. The MS Bar Lock 10 seal is one of the few barrier seals in the world which has been independently tested to comply with ISO 17712:2010(E) as a HIGH SECURITY seal (H) under the C-TPAT program. While being far more secure than cable or bolt seals, this device provides specialized protection to high value loads while being competitively priced, easy to secure and remove and fitting all containers and trailers.

The basic CargoShield barrier seal includes these features:

  1. Accommodates a wide range of container doors (up to 17.25 inch spacing of lock rods)
  2. Unpainted metal components highlight tampering 
  3. Matching serial numbers on all 3 components for added security 
  4. Constructed of thick steel for added durability and security 
  5. Easy and fast to installation, typically less than 15 seconds 
  6. Each seal, along with its components, is packaged individually in a box suitable for shipping, which simplifies the logistics of distributing individual seals. Full cases contain 6 seals. Each seal is packaged in an individual box.


MORE DETAILS: 1-piece locking bar Width: 1.38 inch (35mm) Thickness: .31 inch (8mm) Fits locking rod spacing: 2.25 inch to 17.25 inch Serial number: Unique, matching on both sides of bar Thickness: .22 inch (5.7mm) Serial number: One on each shackle, number matches bar Locking Pin un-numbered Bar Diameter: .31 inch (8mm) Finish: Chrome

Cable Seal: None


The MS-BAR LOCK 11 is a solid steel locking bar which secures the keeper rods of a sea container or trailer with swing doors. It is by far the world’s best barrier seal for containerized shipping. The components include the steel bar barrier seal plus a door to door, numbered, cable seal to secure the barrier seal to the door latch. Adding the cable seal offers these additional features:

  1. Secures the locking bar by restricting its movement to prevent tampering with the locking rods and/or barrier seal. 
  2. The cable seal is ISO-rated as a HIGH SECURITY seal. 
  3. The cable seal has a matching serial number to the barrier seal, which provides another layer (chain of custody) of security and authentication. 
  4. Includes a bar code version of the serial number for improved productivity in machine-reading the serial numbers. 
  5. Secures the door latch, which reduces costs of use, since a separate bolt seal is not required. 
  6. When installed, it requires two cuts to fully remove the cable and the barrier seal, which adds security. Each seal, along with its components, is packaged individually in a box suitable for shipping, which simplifies the logistics of distributing individual seals at origin.

By offering this multi-dimensioned approach to securing a container or trailer, users can reduce claims and insure a visual chain of custody protocol for containerized cargo. Our CargoShield barrier seal is one of the few barrier seals in the world which has been independently tested to comply with ISO 17712:2010(E) as a HIGH SECURITY seal.

The basic MS BAR LOCK 11 barrier seal includes these features: Accommodates a wide range of container doors (up to 17.25 inch spacing of lock rods) Unpainted metal components highlight tampering Matching serial numbers on all 3 components for added security Constructed of thick steel for added durability and security Easy to installation Fast installation (typically less than 15 seconds) Full cases contain 6 seals. Each seal is packaged in an individual box ALWAYS IN STOCK