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Cargo Screening Cam Video

The Regiscope Cargo Screening Cam is designed to expedite the flow of air cargo through Certified Cargo Screening Facilities (CCSF’s), generate TSA-required reports and provide documentation to prove regulatory compliance and perform track and trace operations, should it be necessary. Cargo Screening Cam documents the cargo screening process by capturing visual images of screened cargo in digital form and generating uniquely numbered, bar-coded tamper-evident seals to be placed on screened items and pallets to establish a secure, verifiable chain of custody. Optionally, Cargo Screening Cam can be synchronized with Digital Video Recording (DVR) surveillance systems and TSA-approved screening equipment to capture and record data and digital images associated with screened cargo, providing detailed documentary evidence of the screening process and the contents of screened items.

Cargo Screening Cam maintains a database that records all relevant information associated with screened cargo and can produce activity reports periodically and on-demand for your security staff’s review. Records can be backed up to CD, DVD or external hard drive for long-term record retention, and images can be printed, e-mailed or faxed to law enforcement agencies if necessary. Cargo Screening Cam operates with the press of a button; minimal training is required for your personnel.

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