Air Cargo Screening Facility Assessment

Air Cargo Screening Facility Assessment

The CSA Air Cargo Screening Facility Assessment provides a thorough evaluation of your facility to assess readiness for certification in the TSA’s Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP). In addition, the assessment provides recommendations for implementing Best Practices in Air Cargo Facility Design and Operation to minimize operating costs, streamline operations, ensure cargo security and establish and maintain the chain of custody from facility to airside.

Adoption of recommended Best Practices will expedite the TSA’s certification process.

The Air Cargo Facility Assessment is a three-step process that includes pre-assessment data collection, a site visit and report.

  1. Pre-Assessment Data Collection

    Prior to the site visit, the client will be asked to provide information on facility layout, organization and staffing; security procedures and protocols; screening policies and processes; estimated demand by cargo type and other relevant data.

  2. Site Visit

    A one- to two-day site visit will be conducted, consisting of a facility walk-through, interviews with key personnel and observation of on-going operations. The purpose is to develop a detailed definition of the screening and security processes, including inbound, outbound and cargo screening processes and information flows.

  3. Deliverables

    Deliverables of the assessment process include a report detailing the screening process and estimated demands by cargo type and volumes. Recommendations regarding personnel training requirements, the potential application of computer simulation to optimize facility operations and process flow, the selection and effective use of screening and information technology, and protocols for securing screened cargo and maintaining chain of custody will be provided.

Cost estimates for alternative sealing techniques and materials based on forecasted cargo flows will also be provided, and demonstrations of proposed sealing methods and techniques may be conducted, as appropriate.

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