Sentinel Electronic Door Seal



The patented Sentinel Seal is both security lock and uniquely numbered seal in one device.  The Sentinel is easily affixed to roll up or swing doors, cages, ULD’s and any enclosure that requires seal integrity.  It replaces conventional numbered cable, plastic or bolt seals and electronic security locks, providing substantial savings over time.  It is waterproof and rugged, designed to work outside in all weather condi tions.  

A random, time-stamped number is generated each time the device is opened or closed to establish and prove chain of custody; all information on date, time and number are retained in the mechanism and can be down loaded by cell phone or PDA.  The word “opened” appears in the screen before a new random seal number is generated upon closure.  The electronic components cannot be manipulated by a magnet attack, and will alert the owner of such an attack by showing the word “alert” if any attempts are made to manipulate the device electronically. 

Sentinel Seal acts as a barrier device when the lockable design option is chosen.  A 3/16th inch thick steel cable effectively secures roll up door hooks and hasps, or the keeper rods on swing door trailers and trucks.  Opening releases the standard 20-inch wire cable; optionally, cables can be made in any desired length. 

Each time the device is opened, a new digital number is reflected in the durable, thick plastic window.  The back-lit, five (5) digit number is easily read with each actuation. The protocol needed to use this mechanism is merely annotating the last number generated on a manifest or document for verification at the next checkpoint.  Sentinel Seal meets all TSA requirements for Chain of Custody sealing.  By examining the random number, surreptitious entry within the normal chain of custody can easily be detected.