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Cayuga Partners provide education, consulting and computer-based decision support tools to improve the speed and efficiency of supply chain operations.  Cargo at rest is cargo at risk.  Cayuga Partners’  facility planning and optimization tools expedite the flow of commerce to ensure secure supply chain operations while minimizing costs.





CGM Security Solutions, Inc. was established as a manufacturer in February 1977.  Under the leadership of CSA Principal and co-founder Erik Hoffer, the company invented and produced a series of tamper-evident technologies for tape and labels which were designed to identify pilferage and physically protect unattended cargo in boxes, courier packs, envelopes, drums, on pallets, or in trailers.

The company expanded to include cargo seals for sea containers, rail cars or most commonly, in tractor trailers or straight trucks.  Eventually, the company developed safety and security products for tractors and trailers including brake locks, glad hand locks and king pin locks.

In May 2011, Mr Hoffer signed agreements with NovaVision Inc. to take over operations as “CGM-NV”.




Regiscope Digital Imaging Inc.

Regiscope’s digital imaging solutions capture and manage the essential data used to identify, verify and document cargo contents, facility personnel, visitors and drivers to ensure secure operations.   Using Regiscope’s Cargo Screening Facility Information System(CSF I/S), CCSP participants can readily establish Chain of Custody for all screened cargo, perform track and trace and substantially reduce administrative complexity and costs.