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Cargo trucks have become a weapon of choice for global terror attacks.  This Unclassified TSA Report details the Threat Landscape, Indictaors and Countermeasures.

Overdrive Online Todd Dills |January 12, 2017

Imagine you arrive at a facility to pick up a load and, checking in with personnel at the gate, the man in the guard shack looks confused, checks and double-checks his list of impending arrivals, only to tell you you’ve already been there. The load is gone.

by DOROTHY COX/The Trucker Staff

September 28, 2016


The Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General’s Office in a new report recently declared that background checks of port workers by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) aren’t as effective as they should be.

That comes as no surprise to those who routinely go in and out of the nation’s ports.

Take the Day Off!
But first, make sure your cargo and facilities are secure.  Here are some do's and don'ts from our friends at the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition:
Be pro-active:  Confirm that shipment dates/times coincide with your customers’ “open” hours during this holiday time frame. If they don’t, take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of those shipments being staged or stored prior to actual delivery dates.

By Marissa Gamache, Special to Transport Topics

Days before Fourth of July celebrations, trailers loaded with SweetWater Brewing Co.’s 24-pack bottles of beer were stolen from its brewery; its Summer Variety Packs due for pick up in early morning. 

Travelers Indemnity Company 30 June 2016

Cargo theft affects businesses across the globe. Beyond the direct cost of the stolen goods, missing cargo can have far-reaching supply chain implications. Threats to your company’s cargo can vary by commodity type, region and even day of the week. Understanding your product’s susceptibility to theft and developing appropriate strategies to reduce it can help protect your cargo and your business.

Fleet Owner

Sean Kilcarr

Wed, 2016-06-01 11:50

U.S. freight crimes increase with a focus on consumable products and “soft target” regions to steal freight.