From Chuck Forsaith,  HDA Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition:

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – The CargoNet® Command Center logged 1,391 supply chain intelligence events into the CargoNet database in 2017. A total of 741 records involved a cargo theft event in the United States or Canada—one of the safest years ever recorded by CargoNet. The average cargo value per event was $196,109, and an estimated $145 million in cargo was stolen.

During this holiday break, be pro-active: confirm that shipment dates/times coincide with your customers’ “open” hours during this holiday time frame. If they don’t, take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of those shipments being staged or stored prior to actual delivery dates.


To Members of all Industries:

Since the first of November there have been at least four “high-value” cargo thefts that have occurred in the mid-eastern part of the United States - that are worthy to take note of. Three of the thefts involved the same commodity (electronics). All are worth mentioning to everyone who ships – particularly with the Thanksgiving holiday knocking on our doorstep.

November 3, 2017 | NEWS

HDA Adds Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition

PCSC founder Chuck Forsaith will continue to lead coalition and provide information aimed at ensuring the safety and integrity of the supply chain.

By Jim Butschli, Editor

Chuck Forsaith PCSC Founder


Cargo trucks have become a weapon of choice for global terror attacks.  This Unclassified TSA Report details the Threat Landscape, Indictaors and Countermeasure

Healthcare Ready, a strong supporter of the PCSC, has activated a service known as “Rx Open” and the associated map will remain on for the duration of this event.