PLEASE READ: PCSC Holiday Supply Chain Security Advisory

***PCSC Holiday Security Alert 2020-97PCSC Holiday Security Alert 2020-97*** (see the attached) This year July 4th falls on a Saturday, meaning that many facilities may be closed on Friday the 3rd and/or Monday the 6th, resulting in longer stage times and lower security staffing. According to our friends at Sensiguard: On July 4th holidays between 2015 – 2019, the SensiGuard® Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) recorded 2.9 thefts per day with an average loss value of $215,130 which is a theft rate 39% higher and an average loss value 43% higher than thefts throughout the year. Geographically, Arkansas (+219%), North Carolina (+147%), Texas (+49%), Ontario (+72%), and Tennessee (+91%) all had significantly higher theft rates during the holiday weekend than throughout the year. Facility Theft (+64%) and Fictitious Pickups (+67%) were both more frequently perpetrated over the holiday weekend as well. Within product types, Alcohol (+46%), Home & Garden (+55%), Metals (+114%), and Pharmaceuticals (+12%) each recorded significantly higher theft rates when compared to throughout the year. Electronics exceeded its year round average loss value by 147%, although Personal Care had the highest average value at $1M.

PCSC Holiday Security Alert 2020-97