Our cargo hubs, where routes connect and transfers are made, are at the heart of our supply chain. As we tackle the many challenges facing our industry – from the threat of modal shift to the changing security landscape, to the need to remain competitive and to grow – the way we process cargo at these hubs will need to continually improve.  This must be done while we provide physical security for the products we manage . . . 

Janet McLaughlin, an FAA hazardous materials official, told a public meeting in Washington on Thursday that the U.S. position at an upcoming ICAO meeting on the subject will be that the ban should include all cargo shipments of the lithium batteries on passenger planes, not just bulk battery shipments.

The ban wouldn't apply to cargo airlines or to other kinds of batteries. It also wouldn't apply to lithium-ion batteries that are packed inside equipment. For example, a shipment of cellphones with lithium batteries inside them would still be allowed. FAA officials have said being inside a device lessens the risk that a short-circuiting battery will affect other batteries.

Trucks on the highwayAlthough jamming devices are generally rarely used in cargo thefts, there have been multiple such incidents in the south eastern US in the last few months, according to Freightwatch International.


The Cargo Security Alliance announces immediate availability of a new offering that recognizes the fact that palletized cargo comes in an infinite variety of shapes, types and sizes, and is vulnerable to a wide range of threats.  Therefore a customized approach is needed; there's no "one-size-fits-all" solution.   

CSA works with its members to understand the threat environment and their unique cargo and shipping requirements to design a protocol that mitigates the risk of opportunistic, "slash and grab" theft. CSA offers expertise and a variety of lightweight, theft-deterrent packaging materials and tools to secure and track palletized cargo, crates and containers while adding a only a small fraction to shipping costs.

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) has launched a new entry level for its certification programs for transport and logistics companies looking to implement industry-leading security standards to help protect their customers’ goods from cargo crime.