Premium Tamper Evident Tape, Red, Serial Numbered

$48.00 per unit

Our Best Tamper Evident Tape.  Versatile performance with virtually all surfaces.  Printed serial numbers improve security, establish chain of custody.

CASE QUANTITIES ONLY; 36 rolls (units) per case.  Call for pricing on order quantities greater than 4 cases. 



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36 $48.00 1 $1,728.00
72 $48.00 2 $3,456.00
108 $48.00 3 $5,184.00
144 $48.00 4 $6,912.00
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Our Best Tamper Evident Tape.  Versatile performance with virtually all surfaces.  Patterns and printed instructions on tape are an added deterrent to tampering.  Printed serial numbers prevent substitution and counterfeiting for even greater security; record the numbers to establish and prove chain of custody.

Full Adhesive Transfer (Acrylic Adhesive).  Suitable for application in cold temperatures as low as +20F.  After affixing, performs in temperatures ranging from -40F to +200F
TSA-CCSP compliant.

The tamper evidence is designed to function within one (1) minute of application. The tapes perform well on most surfaces, including difficult surfaces such as plastics, recycled cardboard (without tearing the surface), textured finishes, pallets films, boxes with wax coatings, bare wood, and film overwrap on pallets. When tampered, these security tapes transfer all adhesive to the surface.

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Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 8 in