TSA / CCSP Products

The Cargo Security Alliance provides the seals, labels and stickers required for marking screened air cargo for the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP). In addition, CSA offers a wide range of tamper evident tapes, seals, and vehicle locking devices to establish and maintain a secure chain of custody. Our Certified Cargo Cargo Screening Facility Information System (CCSF I/S) helps ensure facility security by validating the identities of drivers and visitors, capturing information about air cargo tendered for screening or received from a CCSF, producing tamper evident seals for screened cargo and all of the administrative reports required by the TSA.

Tamper Evident Tapes and Seals

CSA recommends Secure TRAC and Secure PERF, the standard for Tamper Evident Tape (TET). Both are self-wound, tamper evident, self voiding tapes which comply with the TSA security tape carton sealing requirements. Secure TRAC Seals are tamper indicative, self-voiding adhesive seals that provide a visual deterrent for entry into a wide variety of containers and packages. Our 4″ x 13″ seals, shown below, are ideal for standard truck, aircraft and container doors and ULD’s as part of a multi-layered security protocol. Call for unique application requirements, sizes and colors.

Bolt and Cable Seals

CSA recommends NavaTech Bolt and Cable Seals, the industry leader in securing all varieties of trailers, tankers, rail cars and sea containers. Our most popular models are listed below in standard types, sizes and colors. Call for unique application requirements, graphics, colors, etc.

Truck/Trailer/Container Locks and Seals

The best way to secure your vehicles and the cargo in them is to keep them from being taken or tampered with in the first place. CSA offers a variety of truck, trailer and container locks designed to protect your valuable transportation assets when they are unattended and most vulnerable. The TS-4A truck and TS-3A permanent trailer air brake locks provide the highest possible level of security by disabling the air brakes. Permanently installed on a vehicle, they are easily applied in seconds by simply taking out the key, locking down the brakes and rendering them immovable. Removable glad hand locks can be applied to trailers to temporarily immobilize them at loading docks or while parked in the yard. Navalock barrier seals are the ideal solution for securing trailers and containers while establishing and maintaining Chain of Custody.

Pallet Security

CSA offers pallet security systems that incorporate the Topp Clip banding system to secure the pallet and establish and maintain Chain of Custody.  Topp Clip can be used by itself to secure the pallet and its contents, with a Pallet Bag to provide a protective indicative seal, or with the Secure D Container that provides a barrier seal to deter “Slash and Go” theft.

Cargo & Personnel ID & Screening Systems

CSA’s Cargo & Personnel ID & Screening Systems are built with proven Regiscope® components and technology. Visitor Cam identifies facility visitors, verifies their credentials and produces a temporary photo badge. Cargo Cam identifies and registers drivers and delivery personnel who deliver freight to, and transport it from, the facility, verifying credentials, recording digital images of drivers, Bills of Lading and Waybills. Screening Cam documents the CCSF air cargo screening process by capturing visual images of screened cargo in digital form and generating uniquely numbered, bar-coded tamper-evident seals for each screened item to establish a secure, verifiable chain of custody. Together, they constitute the Cargo Screening Facility Information System (CSF I/S), designed to streamline CCSF operations, prove compliance to TSA regulations and enable track and trace, should it become necessary.




Return policy: Defective items must be returned within 10 days for replacement and or credit.