Secure D Container

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The Secure D Container (SDC) is part of Cargo Theft Solution's Theft Deterrent Box family. The TDB product line employs double-walled construction with an inner layer of tough wire mesh designed to prevent "slash and grab" theft common to many industries including electronics, pharmaceuticals, apparel and footwear, tobacco products - anywhere that smaller, palletized high value boxes and cartons are easy to snatch and conceal.

SDC is far more secure - and cost effective - than typical stretch-wrapped and taped approaches that are easy to curcumvent.

When combined with the Topp Clip and tamper evident seals and security tape, the SDC is ideal for secure air cargo applications such as the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP). Benefits of the SDC include:   

  • Reduced Loss and Damage Claims
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Quick set-up and breakdown for operational efficiency and reduced labor costs
  • Durable construction allows boxes to be used multiple times
  • Low weight for air cargo applications and shipping cost savings
  • With Topp Clip, a "Secure Chain of Custody" solution


Theft Deterrent Boxes are available in all sizes up to the pallet sized "D" container.




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