Topp Clip Master Carton - TCMC-R - Random Component Numbers

Topp Clip set with TET Label
Topp Clip with numbered seal
Price: $545.00


The Topp Clip is a CSA Best Practice pallet security technology, consisting of a unique strap locking device that uses conventional ½ inch nylon strapping and conventional crimping tools. The all steel construction allows for a secure, non-movable seal of both opposing bands such that no one can change or remove the original bands. Topp Clip comes complete with a number uniquely identifying each clip. It also comes with a plastic seal which is imbedded into the center of the Topp Clip such that it becomes a secondary sealing mechanism, further insuring that the bands are not violated, removed or replicated.  The final element of the multi-layered Topp Clip pallet security protocol is a tamper evident label which is placed across the banding and used to record the seal and clip numbers onto the pallet or pallet bag.   Topp Clips meet the Chain of Custody standards of the TSA’s Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP) for securing screened cargo, and are used throughout the world in anti-smuggling applications.  One (1) Topp Clip Master Carton


  • (200) Topp Clips  
  • (200) Topp Seals
  • (200) Tamper Evident Warning labels

(Note: Punch Tool not included; available separately for a one-time charge of $200.00)

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NOTE WHEN ORDERING:  TCMR-S component sets all have the same number.  TCMR-S Topp Clipp sets are numbered sequentially and may be preferable for some applications. TCMC-R components - clip, seal and label - are each numbered differently and each must be recorded separately.  This is a CSA Best Practice.  Please be sure you order the right one!