Truck Locks

TS-4A Tractor Air Brake Lock

When engaged, this security locking device blocks the airline from the tractor to the air brakes both in the tractor, and if hooked together, to the trailer.  It is compatible with any air brake valve system.  You can be assured your driver will use it because it is now part of the value assembly for the emergency brake.


TS-3A Permanent Glad Hand Lock

A permanently installed glad hand lock designed to secure unattached chassis and trailers while on yards, in drop lots, in transit, on client sites or in rail yards.  The TS3A a simple mechanical air locking valve that is engaged when the there is no air in the trailer brake lines. It can be overt or covertly applied to the trailer. Upon disconnecting the trailer, the driver turns the key moving a ball valve in place so that no air can be re-introduced into the lines to raise the brakes. TS-3A is plumbed directly into the trailers airlines and requires a considerable amount of time to circumvent. The TS-3A and TS-4A can have a common key.


TS-2A Portable Glad Hand Lock

The TS-2A is a Glad Hand lock to prevent trailers being loaded at docks from being inadvertently moved, and as a security device for distribution centers, ports and yards o deter theft when trailers are left unattended.  The TS-2A seals the air intake valve on a trailer’s brake system. It is designed to cut off access to the trailer air brake line making access to the glad hands of a trailer impossible.  The TS-2A is easy to use and can be applied simply by removing the lock body and inserting the plug into the air hole on the trailer. Removal is also quite easy and takes only a few seconds. It fits all glad hand fittings